i2s bluetooth transmitter


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Hi all,

I've been thinking for a while to hook up an I2S Bluetooth transmitter module to the T4, if there are any, to send audio to some Bluetooth receiver (headphones, speakers).

The only module I've found so far is this one: Tinysineaudio TSA5001

Does anybody know if the module will work straight out of box? Provided the I2S connections and power.
How would it pair to headphones if it has no display? I have little experience on Bluetooth, but normally there is a display on the host (ie. smartphone) to show the list of clients (ie. headphones) to connect.

I wonder also if there are other (smaller) boards available. There is a KCX_BT_EMITTER module around that seems to work with USB, but I'm not clear if the T4 will work that way and I2S seems simpler to me.

I'm very sorry @MarkT, I didn't realize that the instructions were very clear on that page. The device simply takes the strongest signal when pair is pressed :) clever and just how I imagined/wanted it.

The module is too big though–that's why I was fleeing a bit over it. I'm looking for a module to stack underneath the T4 on a protoboard, so less than 12mm wide hopefully. It should be possible since the WLCSP package of the nRF52832 is 2.8x2.4mm, but I might be dreaming that such tiny module already exists.

I found one in aliexpress that is less than 10x10mm, but I'm a bit lost on how to set it up for I2S. I wonder for instance if any of the po.21-38 pins can be set to receive DATA, LRCLK and BCLK, or rather a specific module with I2S pins and programmed for the task is needed.

nRF52832 and I2S: https://infocenter.nordicsemi.com/i...2s.html&cp=5_2_0_43&anchor=concept_z2v_24y_vr