IDE for Teensy 4.1


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I have to implement Secure Boot on a Teensy 4.1 for a project at university.
About me I am an absolute beginner in microcontroller programming.
I have already found many instructions for programming the board with the Arduino IDE and Teensyduino Addon.
My professor would like me to work with a different IDE.
Unfortunately, I can't find any more detailed information on how I can implement this. Although there are answers that it is possible to work with Visual Micro or PlatformIO, for example, there are unfortunately no instructions.
Can someone help me there?
I would be happy about support.
Warm greetings from Germany,
Thanks for the quick replies.
What exactly do you mean by "makefile"? Is this an additional program or library?
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The makefile requires 'the user' to enumerate the SOURCES needed to build the resulting executable file.

Under Arduino this is part of the build process where - given the 'sketch' - with an extra step in the building, it proceeds to locate any libraries or other specified files as required outside the files in the directory where the 'sketch' is located that are assumed to be required. This is part of what makes Arduino so beginner friendly - and perhaps a bit slower.

Ideally the tools noted in posts #2 and #3 will explain the required steps. Knowing this process is probably the professor's motivation in the request.