ILI9341 Touchscreen ... different names


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As usual... it no worky

I have an ILI9341 2.4" screen. I can get that working with the standard ILI9341 library.
The touch part however is done using 4x Pins, 2 of which are analogue.

My touchscreen has 4 pins (taken from the data sheet)
YD (far left)
YU (Far right).
XL (top)
XR (bottom)

But, the touchscreen demo uses YP. XM, YM and XP. WHY OH WHY these people can't use the same names. Drives me mad.

Which two of these is likely to be the analogue inputs? (the other two are just digital)

Any idea which is which? Poking around hasn't proven much.

Yet to find a graphics or button test that works using 4x touch inputs. Any ideas?
I've had displays like that (the 3.5" adafruit with HX8357 chip). It had the YP, XM, YM, XP pins. The only touch lib I could get to work was the

It worked with Teensy 3.2 but not a 4.0--at least as of a few years ago.

Since then I only buy screens with SPI touch (XPT2046)