Image upload not working on


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I found out that image uploading is not currently working for me on ANY devices incl. smartphones.

I'm using Google Chrome.

Only upload from URL works.

File types & maximum sizes

Info from the "Manage Attachments" page (apologies for the formatting - conversion from tab-delimited to spaced is not so straightforward !!):

[FONT=Courier New]
Filetype               Max File-size     Max Width        Max Height
 bmp                   390.6 KB          1280             1024
 c                     488.3 KB          -                -
 cpp                   488.3 KB          -                -
 doc                   488.3 KB          -                -
 gif                   244.1 KB          1280             1024
 h                     244.1 KB          -                -
 ino                   244.1 KB          -                -
 jpe                   390.6 KB          1280             1024
 jpeg                  390.6 KB          1280             1024
 jpg                   390.6 KB          1280             1024
 pde                   244.1 KB          -                -
 pdf                    1.43 MB          -                -
 png                   781.3 KB          1280             1024
 psd                   390.6 KB          1280             1024
 txt                   195.3 KB          -                -
 xls                   390.6 KB          -                -
 zip                    1.91 MB          -                -[/FONT]

Mark J Culross
I think those limits for file sizes are way too low. Typical limit for an image is 5MB. If exceeded, warning message should appear with precise reason.
Could you explain?

Lots of good information on the Teensy family of devices is available in the Teensy Wiki <> . . . my previous comment referred to my thinking that these upload limits might be mentioned in there somewhere. However, maybe it would be more appropriate to list them in the FAQ for this forum, as they don't really have anything to do specifically with the Teensy.

Mark J Culross
Adding to that github Teensy WIKI is a good thing. PJRC wiki been needed a long time - but small company priorities - making hardware and designing new and shipping eats up time - then things like months of this shutdown without full staffing make it harder.

... not sure those numbers are all correct? It seems an image near 1GB is accepted. But if an upload fails it is likely due to size.
I think the file size numbers in the list are wrong but image size in pixels is right. I have to go resize to upload photos. It does seems a bit 20th century in it's limits - even 3 generation old phone cameras produce > 1 Mpix images