initial Ableton cc massage state


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Hello guys! first post here.
I am working on a simple midi controller with one button. Everything is perfect sending the cc message to Ableton (on/off).
Now I am using this function to receive the value from Ableton (0/127) every time that I press the button in Ableton.

void cc_message(byte channel, byte control, byte value) {
  switch (control) {
case 21:
Serial.print("button feedback: ");

As far I know, Teensy only receives the value if I press the button in Ableton. Is there any way to receive the value automatically when I connect Teensy to USB?

I don't use Ableton myself, but in my experience, DAWs will usually send all relevant MIDI data when you start the application, when you open a new project, or when you configure the control surface. If you can connect the Teensy before starting the DAW, that should work in most cases.
There are commands that DAWs can send to a control surface to reset it, but I'm not aware of any commands that allow a control surface to request all states from the DAW. If such a command exists, it's probably specific to the DAW, so you might have more luck finding it on an Ableton forum or support page.

If you can't find anything in the Ableton docs, you could also have a look at the documentation of commercial control surfaces, some of them include an overview of all the messages it sends and receives.

If you open a thread on an Ableton forum, feel free to post a link to your thread here, I'm interested as well.

Pier, I didn't know that Ableton or other DAWs send the midi data when are open.

It is true that you usually plug the device before open the Ableton project, so works perfectly for me, when I open the project Ableton sends the value to my momentary button on teensy and gets the value (0 or 127). Great! :)

Thanks for your answer