IoT -- Server-side software?

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Hey all. I'm working on a IoT project with my Teensy 3.2. Its going pretty well, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good server-side software I should use.

I could just write some C code and throw it on my Apache sever... but I was hoping there are some open-source solutions for simple login/pass data post and retrieve.

Basically allow people to create a login, connect the Teensy to it (wifi/http), and allow it to log data to the site... Then, on a PC/Mobile device log in and see the logged data ( text notifications would be great too).

So far, just with some google searches... everything I found seemed drastically over complicated.
To the point, where I would probably rather code something myself.

Any ideas?

Thanks! -- Carl
Just so I understand you correctly, the Teensy is the client? and you want it to be able to send data to a web server somewhere from Teensy?

How much data, and how frequent?

If its a small amount of data, relatively infrequently you could write your own in PHP (provided your Apache server has PHP installed). If you can get your Teensy to do a GET request with parameters, it is very easy to pick those parameters out of the URL in php on the server side.
Yeah, that is correct.
Not a lot of data. Just logging some sensor data every half hour or so.

Just looking to see if there is anything already existing out there, so I don't have to roll-my-own from the ground up.
Coding the user creation, email verification and data display would be a fair bit of effort.
No, don't know of anything specific like that. Would suggest googling it.

What I suggested would be easy to set up if its just for you, but if you want users to be able to create accounts, that is much more work.

There are load of freebie website that will do that, I'm sure, but in my experience you have to be very clued up about website security (I'm not). Open source website code seems very prone to hacking.
I have not tried this myself yet. But, a mostly off-the-shelf solutions like Adafruit.IO and MQTT might be interesting. Although, with my limited search, I could not verify that there is a MQTT library for Teensy 3.2.
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Along with adafruit there is sparkfuns Phant
Which I think is doing what you want with the data actually in the URL for low overhead on the Micro end.
There is also blynk if this needs to be a two way control loop
Which runs as a freemium online service or you can host your own using their codebase.
iftt maker chanel may also do some of what you are trying, but only if you want to connect to commercial devices and trust a third party with no visible business model.
And finally if you are looking for all bells and whistles on an internal host I use node red
Which would be massively overkill for just logging the data but depending on your skill set may make getting the server side to do something with the data much easier. Or may just annoy you with the way it puts trainer wheels on everything. looks like it might just do it. I'll investigate some more soon.
Thanks for all the info everyone! looks like it might just do it. I'll investigate some more soon.
Thanks for all the info everyone!

Heya Carl I'm looking to do an iot project using azure or aws I was just wondering what hardware you used to connect your teensy to WiFi to get it connected to the web?

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