Is it possible to use USBHost_t36 to access files on a USB Flash drive?


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I've searched this forum, and tried to look for example sketches where somebody has used a Teensy 3.6 or 4.1 to read/write files from a USB Flash drive (FAT32) to no avail.

I know that UBSHost_t36 is only the lowest level library necessary - there are other things that need to be added on top right? (Like the FAT file system, maybe others?)

I don't see any examples of this in the USBHost_t36 repo either - is this still something that has to be worked out yet, or is it possible to do with existing libraries?

Any pointers as to where to go look for examples that can do this?

Thanks defragster! That library and thread look promising. Maybe if I can whittle down the example sketch to something very simple it would be useful to others.