Is the Teensy 4.1 with Audio-Shield the right Component for my Project?


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Hello everyone,

I need an assessment of the capabilities of the Teensy4.1. I plan to build a real-time voice connection via a Raspberry PI and a Teensy4.1 with Audio-shield. I've been checking for a long time now whether it is possible for the Teeensy to transmit voice over the LAN in real time, like with a telephone, but with checking the data packets. The cable is constantly moving and therefor is the LAN-connection is more stable than a phone-conection. But didnt find anything.

Why the Teensy? Later I want to be able to save analog and digital sensors (temp, pressure, etc.) in a database via LAN on the Raspberry. Unfortunately, Raspberries can only read analog sensors via AD converters, I would have more freedom with the Teensy.

But the main function must be a LAN phone.
Is that possible with a Teensy?

Are there Projects like that?

Thanks a lot

I am not an R Pi expert but isn't it possible to use I2C there for your sensors?

Why not use a USB microphone or something as input for the R Pi?

Technically it should be possible to send audio data from a Teensy via LAN. Without synchronisation as done in digital interfaces as SPDIF or similar it is necessary to have some kind of buffering. This needs some intelligence to not get get the buffer filled or underruns after some time. Possibly there are solutions which are used for streaming audio which could be used.

From the information I can see I would ask if a Teensy 4.1 with audioshield is overkill?