Joystick.h (Mathew Heironimus)+ USBPlugables

Hello Does Teensy 4.1 need a Joystick.h library file and if yes where is it? The Library has a file by Smoog based on Matt H. Is that the same thing? I thought that the Teensy had the Joystick function built into it already, so why does it ask for Joystick.h library and USBPlugables? Where are those?
Don't quite understand your use case - what are you trying to do. You can program the teensy to act as a joystick (never really tried but have see others post about it). The other way to attach a joystick via USBhost.

Also what sketch are you running - what teensy?
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I am running a Teensy 4.1. I have USB Flight Sim+Joystick selected and I wrote a simple sketch to read two encoders and last nite the two encoders were functioning perfectly in X-Plane as a joystick for pitch and roll axes X & Y. This morning I wanted to make the Joysticks a little less sensitive and so I tried to increase my delay, but the sketch refused to compile.
Error msg. <Can not find joystick. h.> If I comment out the <include joystick.h> then it can not compile the Joystick command. I did switch the computer off last nite, but did not do anything else.
I have attached my simple dec17.ino file so you can see what I am doing. If somebody can run this on his machine and suggest something that would be great. Thanks in advance


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