Joystick not recognised until Arduino IDE launched the Teensy port is selected


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I'm using Teensy 3.2 to act as a HOTAS flight controller based on this original project here...

I've updated so that it works with latest Teensy 3.2 board files (above project is very old)...

This works well, but the joystick is not recognised by the PC until after the Arduino IDE is launched and the Teensy port is selected (I dont' have to upload code, just select the port). At this point the PC recognises the joystick, I can close the IDE and continue to use it in games as intended.

I suspect the problem may be around my re-integration of the original authors HotasX interface into the latest teesny3.2 board files...

But I'm out of my depth - can only just read the code and don't have the knoweldge to really understand what's going on.

Any pointers would be very appreciated, thanks.
I would start by commenting out lines 18&19 in file teensy_hotas.ino


My oh my! Such a simple and in restrospect... obvious ...thing I should have tried.

Set both flags to false and it works perfectly. The debug flags should only be used with the IDE open anyway. I'm guessing the IDE loads a device driver which allows the joystick to function as a joystick while still being able to redirect serial.print's to the serial monitor. Maybe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you so much - really appreciated.
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