JTAG debugging on a Teensy2.0

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I'd really like to use the Teensy2.0 hardware for a small project that I'd like to build (using C and assembler, not teensyduino) ... and would like to be able to debug it with the hardware OCD.

It looks like this is possible in either WinAVR, or Atmel Studio ... as long as I can enable the OCD debugger with both the JTAGEN and OCDEN fuses on the ATmega32u4.

So ... my question is ... what are the settings of the fuses on a shipping Teensy2.0?

Will I have to completely wipe the Teensy with a temporarily-connected ICSP in order to enable the JTAG and OCD, or is the JTAG already enabled so that I can wipe the chip from the JTAG?

If I do this, I presume that I will have to install my own bootloader to replace the HalfKay bootloader. Should I just upload my application new code through the JTAG interface at that point?

Does anyone have any suggestions/comments?


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