Known CAN hardware bugs on old CPU

"Teensy 4.1 manufactured after July 2021 has U1 part number MIMXRT1062DVJ6B. Prior boards had the older version ending with "A". The "B" version fixes obscure hardware bugs with CAN bus and USB device isochronous mode."

I am using the teensy 4.1 that I have for CAN bus and 2/3 are the "A" version CPU.
Is there anything to be done about this in terms of warranty or replacement?
I understand it is a strange issue where the boards have been bought from a third party supplier (mine were).

No, there is no warranty replacement for simply having the earlier version of the hardware (which is also well over 1 year old now).

Have you actually encountered problems from either of those silicon issues? I don't know much about the CAN one, but the USB device mode isochronous issue is extremely unlikely in practice.
OK no problem, thought it was worth asking.

We are doing some quite important CAN communication including not just data logging but firmware upgrades as well, so slightly concerned about potential (although unlikely?) issues or bugs with the older chips.
Suppliers still seem to be sending out the old/"A" version.

I found proper errata document;

The CAN bus issues seem quite obscure, although ERR005829 is quite bad depending if I have understood it properly.
Suppliers still seem to be sending out the old/"A" version.

Very unlikely any Teensy 4.1 with the original A chip are still being sold. Teensy 4.1 completely ran out of stock from May to July 2021 before the first batch with new B chips. Since then, stock has completely run out at least a few times due to chips shortages which became much worse in 2022.