LD-3361BS 3 digit display - 12 pins

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Hi again and sorry for these weird displays i keep trying :p

I ordered a lot off random stuff online one day, and suddenly this 12pins 3 digit display arrives in the mail labeled LD-3361BS (I think it said supposedly arduino supported, but now I can't even find any information there, or even a datasheet or simple pinout.. ).

I googled it and found this only: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=80372.0

But that display looks like it is quite different.. and it doesnt look like 12 pins either from the datasheet if i understand it correctly: http://www.lc-led.com/products/lct-3632tur11.html

I searched the libraries and found the LedControl library, but since I have never connected one off these before, and the complete lack off a datasheet/pinout (?) makes it difficult to figure out anything more..

is there a basic setup for all displays off this sort?

..or if not, does anyone know off a datasheet or pinout for it.. i see there are a lot off them going out on alibaba and similar pages, but none of them provide any tech info.

I know this is my own fault, buying before thinking, but still, if i can use it, it would be nice :)

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