Library function to extract unique ID from PSRAM chips


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Hi All,

I'm keen to see if any library calls exist to extract the unique IDs from the PSRAM chips. This would be in a low level lib function I am not aware of and frankly do not know where to look....

This would be another unique ID that can be used by the Teensy 4.1 for identification.

Where should I look?


I don't see anything about a unique ID in the datasheet for PSRAM (link below). The chip has an ID, but it's not a unique ID for each individual chip. There is a function named flexspi2_psram_id() in cores\Teensy4\startup.c, and that function is used elsewhere in startup.c for checking whether PSRAM is installed. The datasheet documents how to read this ID on page 15. Are you seeing information on a unique ID somewhere else?
Hi Joe

My bad, I was looking at a datasheet for a similar product which did have a unique ID.

However, thanks for the reference to the function.