MacOS version of teensyloader disconnecting regularly

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I've tried using one Teensy 2.0 with 3 different mini USB cables, two different macs, a Windows desktop, and a Linux laptop. Programming the slow and fast LED blink hex files works, but when I try to program larger hex files, the download fails because the board disconnects from my macs at regular intervals (around 2s).

Here's the log:
01:57:10.974 (loader): HID/macos: detach callback: is currently open device
01:57:11.006 (loader): HID/macos: attach callback
01:57:11.021 (loader): Device went offline
01:57:11.258 (loader): HID/macos: number of devices found = 1
01:57:11.268 (loader): HID/macos: vid=16C0, pid=0478, page=FF9C, usage=001B, ver=1.20
01:57:11.278 (loader): Device came online, code_size = 32256
01:57:11.286 (loader): Board is: Teensy 2.0 (ATMEGA32U4)
01:57:11.294 (loader): set background IMG_ONLINE
01:57:11.508 (loader): HID/macos: status: ok
01:57:13.149 (loader): HID/macos: detach callback: is currently open device
01:57:13.181 (loader): HID/macos: attach callback
01:57:13.258 (loader): Device went offline
01:57:13.509 (loader): HID/macos: number of devices found = 1
01:57:13.519 (loader): HID/macos: vid=16C0, pid=0478, page=FF9C, usage=001B, ver=1.20
01:57:13.528 (loader): Device came online, code_size = 32256
01:57:13.537 (loader): Board is: Teensy 2.0 (ATMEGA32U4)
01:57:13.545 (loader): set background IMG_ONLINE
01:57:13.758 (loader): HID/macos: status: ok
01:57:15.325 (loader): HID/macos: detach callback: is currently open device
01:57:15.358 (loader): HID/macos: attach callback
01:57:15.508 (loader): Device went offline
01:57:15.759 (loader): HID/macos: number of devices found = 1
01:57:15.770 (loader): HID/macos: vid=16C0, pid=0478, page=FF9C, usage=001B, ver=1.20
01:57:15.779 (loader): Device came online, code_size = 32256
01:57:15.787 (loader): Board is: Teensy 2.0 (ATMEGA32U4)
01:57:15.795 (loader): set background IMG_ONLINE
01:57:16.008 (loader): HID/macos: status: ok
01:57:17.291 (loader): HID/macos: detach callback: is currently open device
01:57:17.508 (loader): Device went offline
01:57:17.758 (loader): HID/macos: number of devices found = 0
01:57:17.768 (loader): HID/macos: no devices found (empty set)

The line "01:57:17.291 (loader): HID/macos: detach callback: is currently open device" is the point when the board seems to disconnect from the computer. I have no such problem with Linux or Windows. What could possibly be the problem here? I'm using the latest released versions of teensyloader (1.52 on MacOS).

My macs are running Catalina and Mojave. I had to use a hub with the machine running Mojave because it only has USB-C ports, while I connected directly to a USB port on the machine running Catalina. I tried both USB ports too, restarting my macs without opening windows automatically when restarting, etc.
I've not had that issue with High Sierra 10.13.6. I'm running Teensy 1.48 and Teensyduino 1.8.12. Board is a Teensy 3.2

Then again, my files are not that big. 11,776 bytes of flash and 4880 bytes of dynamic memory.
I'm pretty sure now that it's a bug in the MacOS version of teensy loader 1.52 since I was able to program my Teensy 2.0 properly using the terminal loader built from source.
Will you please share the .hex file you used? That way I can try to reproduce this problem on my Macbook Air with Catalina, using the exact same file you were using.

If using "Quick Reply", click the "Go Adavanced" button to get to the full editor which lets you attach a file. Only certain file types are allows, so you might have to put the .hex file into a .zip file to attach it to a forum post.
I just want to clarify one thing: the only way it doesn't work for me is if I use teensyloader on macos. Using any other method on any other os, including the terminal programmer in macos, seems to work. I understand there might be something wrong with both my macs, so in that case, what could possibly be causing this?
I was able to upload this .hex file to a Teensy 2.0 using my Macbook Air running Catalina 10.15.4 and Teensy Loader 1.52. I did the upload many times. No errors.
Thank you for your reply. I didn't expect this kind of support. I appreciate it very much. Here's what I'm experiencing:
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Looks like you're running both the GUI and command line loaders at the same time! Of course they're conflicting, as they're both trying to talk to the same Teensy.

Run only 1 of them.
I only had the terminal window and teensy loader open at the same time for creating the video.

I checked again just now after updating my OS to 10.15.5 and restarting, then running only teensy loader. The same behavior is happening.
I had similar issues with a buggy USB serial driver (kext) installed on my Mac once. It was an OEM version of the CP2102 driver. Removing the kext file manually fixed the problem.
I did the following:
Reinstall operating system by erasing system partition then reinstalling from USB
Reinstall operating system again by removing all partitions then reinstalling from USB (I didn't think this would improve things, but hey I was desperate)
Reset SMC

but still the same behavior is happening.

Since this is only happening in macos with the teensy loader GUI, it doesn't feel like a hardware fault, but I'm not sure. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot?
I really don't know what else you could try, other than maybe use a different Mac or a PC?

You can see in the video on msg #8 how it should work. I'm updating that Macbook Air to 10.15.5 right now. Will retest, just in case this is some new problem specific to 10.15.5.

Other than that, I'm not sure what else I can do. This one is a real mystery to me.
I completed the upgrade to MacOS 10.15.5. Ran the test again, GUI Teensy Loader version 1.52. with file "adaptffbjoy-r54.hex". No terminal window open, no use of the command line loader. I pressed the button on my Teensy 2.0. The code loads successfully. Repeated several times, works every time. Unable to reproduce any errors. Pretty much exactly the same as in the video on msg #8, but now with MacOS 10.15.5 rather than 10.15.4.
Not sure if this is related, but each time the teensy loader screen turns gray, that is, when the teensy 2.0 disconnects on its own, I simultaneously get an error in my system.log:

xpcproxy[38408]: libcoreservices: _dirhelper_userdir: 557: bootstrap_look_up returned (ipc/send) invalid destination port
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