Managing multiple Teensy41 in Arduino IDE


I have a project with two Teensy 4.1 talking to each other over RS485. One is the main controller for the project the other is mainly a RS485 to USB relay with some additional logging on the SD card and a few other things.

I program these two T41's from the same laptop and same IDE. Running Ubuntu 22.04. Arduino IDE 2.1.1.

My question is, is it possible to change the names that appear in the IDE devices menu so that I can more easily know for sure which T41 is which. Or failing that is it possible to force each T41 to always attach to a particular port?

As things stand it can get very confusing. Output from one device can appear in the serial monitor in the other window under the code that was flashed to the other T41. Or output from one device can appear in both windows and the other device/port is not monitored at all. At the moment every test involves plugging and unplugging the usb cables several times to assert which serial monitor is monitoring which device! Doubly confusing as this ambiguity means that it is as likely as not that the wrong program gets flashed to the wrong device.

Any advice? Can I rename the devices? Can I configure a port "affinity" or "preference" for each T41. Any other suggestions?
Come up! I would have thought that projects with multiple Teensy boards should be high priority! Any answers?
Have you searched the forum? Look for TyTools and/or TyCommander. I think that's generally what folks use who want to manage multiple Teensy.