Maybe make other Teensy 3.1/LC shield with color TFT display...

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Thought I might hack up another shield for the Teensy LC(or 3.1) and color display and support for AX servos and some other stuff...

May try to size it about the size of the Teensy display (

Looking at the sizes of the display in the drawing:
Wondering a few things, which for the most part I can pretty closely measure from the new (currently spare) one that arrived yesterday.
Things like, the two sets of IO pins are centered horizontally in the display. I am also guessing they are offset about .1" from top and bottom.
So about 62.12mm(or about 2.45")

Has anyone tried using the SDCard on this display with a Teensy? I am pretty sure that the 4 SPI IO pins associated with this are not connected to the other SPI pins.

Again not yet if I will make it and/or what other things it might have. I would for sure at a minimum have the IO pins brought out. Maybe at least some with power pins and the like.

Just thinking...
Support of the audio card ( i.e. alternate pin assignments, maybe with jumpers? trace cuts? ) would be wonderful. I spend a lot of time doing point to point ( and trouble shooting point to point ) wiring to display modules.
I just designed a Teensy 3.1 add-on display that uses the Sharp TFT-LCD Memory display. It is monochrome, but still provides a very low-power, small and relatively inexpensive Teensy display option.

I forgot to mention it only requires three wires in addition to power and ground, and Adafruit has a lovely library and existing display syntax (e.g., for the Nokia 5110) works well with few modifications. i expect to sell these at Tindie for $25 in a few weeks time.
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I might make a couple more add-on boards this year, but my main direction is to let Onehorse and others make shields and add-on boards. That lets me focus much more on continuing to develop the platform and add features on the software side.
Thanks Paul,

Actually I have made a few shields myself. Not sure if I will make this one or not. But some of my initial questions, are more specific to the actual display.

Things like position of pins and the like and functionality of the SDCard. As I mentioned I have done a breakout board that give me Arduino header and another with XBee support, My idea for this one is to replace the USB2AX device that I use to connect from an Edison (or maybe RPI 2), to AX servos. It might be nice to have the ability to have some sound as well as be able to display stuff (currently Edison SPI is less than optimal!). I would also like the ability to look at things like maybe some ground sensors as well as system voltages... Not sure what else.

We will see how far I take it. I know for the Trossen Robotics project, that I will be starting of with their new Arbotix Pro. Which will be introduced soon. But would like the ability to replace the Arbotix Pro with a Teensy...
quick update.

Currently the new board I am playing with no longer is setup for TFT display although one could be hooked up. Instead I wanted a smaller/simpler version of my other boards, that has sounds, and AX servos, plus 3 pin breakouts for the IO pins. I received the fabricated boards from Seeedstudio, and today I assembled one. How much of each board that I will assemble depends on what I am going to use it for.

I expect a lot of the time, may be very minimal, as I may use them as AX servo controller to hook up to Linux boards. In that case will use USB power. so don't need other power connectors, VR, some CAPS... Also experimenting using more minimal RC circuit for speaker.

Just starting to play, I took a shortcut today and bypassed where I would use multimeter to do some minimal checks (like shorts) before connecting power. Luckily did not have T3.1 plugged in as I had a solder bridge across the VR from VIN to ground. When I connected the battery it fried the etch... Not sure what else:eek:

I removed the solder bridge. I think there may still be issues if my jumpers are set to take power from VR, but should be OK to test with USB. So will still try to do some testing of it.


Luckily I socketed it, so if board is bad can simply build new one... One thing I did not notice until today, is this T3.1 is missing the actual button part of the program button. So far I have not needed it... May be time to order some more...
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