MIDI Daisy Chaining through four teensies with one being the USB MIDI Out.

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I'm working on a MIDI Controller project consisting of four stacked keyboards each driven by a teensy 4.1. Instead of connecting each teensy to a USB Hub, I wonder if all MIDI Messages can be Daisy Chained to one 'Master Teensy' which then sends all MIDI Data via its USB Port to a PC.

Best, Nick.
As someone reminded me recently the default behaviour of serial MIDI is to merge any output with any incoming messages, so each should be able to connect via Tx to Rx whether you do the MIDI isolation scheme or just connect them with a shared ground.

(Each Teensy acts as a repeater for the incoming MIDI and merges any generated messages with received -- at least that's how I understand it, however I do not have direct experience with this!)

If they're not sharing an enclosure/power supply then you should likely make them into hardware MIDI connections to avoid ground problems.

(edit - I guess you have to move all the MIDI to USB in the master unit if your final connection is via usbMIDI... that would be the only tricky part... I think :S)
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