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The miniBCS-4 is a compact, general purpose multi-function I/O system that makes it easy to access various peripherals found on the Teensy 4.1 and provides a powerful platform to control real time experiments. It is highly adaptable in terms of types of outputs and connectors and is designed to be easy to use, inexpensive, and easy to customize. The I/O includes touchscreen display, Ethernet via Wiznet, waveform generator (AD9833), extended I/O via MAX11300, 8 solenoid drivers, 5V tolerant encoder input, Qwiic connector, SPI, and up to three RS232 ports.

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Amy chance for photos showing it connected to the various peripherals and controlling experiments?
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Sure Paul. We’ve been using many versions (yes it’s up to version’M’!) of this at Janelia ( to control all kinds of experiments. I’m out till next week but will put something together when I get back. The Maxim chip really makes it special as you can program those outputs many ways including bipolar ADCs and DACs.