MTP disk + Midi


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Hi! In my (latest) sequencer project I store projects (patterns, tracks, settings etc) on the SD. And as I intend to also export standard midi files for later processing in a PC daw, it would be nice to be able to access the SD directly from the PC side.

Now I can do this by making a small MTP disk application and flash that when needed. However it would be better to always have the MTP disk enabled as part of the main program. But alas, there is no "MTP disk + Midi" option for usb type. Probably for a good reason? I just wanted to ask if it is possible to combine the functions?

What I need in short:
- MTP disk access to the SD when plugged in to a PC
- Midi over serial functions
- Midi over usb host functions
- All standard midi stuff (message types, callbacks etc)

I do NOT need midi over device usb.

Here is the code for reference:

Cheers, Daniel