Multiple DC motor and encoders on a Teensy 4.1

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Hello forums!

I am a student that is relatively new to electronics. I wanted to PID control six different DC motors with encoders using a Teensy 4.1. Each encoder is 2048 counts/rev, and the motor shaft will run at no more than 55 rpm. Based on the simple calculations, the number of counts per second would be around 11264 counts/s, and the Teensy 4.1 should be able to handle this just fine (it's probably overkill?).

I guess I am posting just to confirm that my logic is right and also to ask: What else do I need to consider when writing the code for controlling all of the motors simultaneously? I don't think I need to be concerned about interrupts, but I wasn't sure if it was important (or possible) to time the interrupts...

One more question just for my own general knowledge: Say the total number of counts per second was 100x higher. What would I have to be concerned about?

Thank you in advance!
If you map the pins on a t4.1, you will see it can handle 4 motors using hardware quadrature decoding, 11khz is no problem. Use interrupts for tight loop timing.
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