My Teensy 3.6 had too much beer and needs help to regain its old self...


I would have preferred to ingest my delicious IPA but it ended up soaking my Teensy 3.6! Double Bummer!!
At least it was not powered up at the time. However, after cleanup and drying, all is not well with my precious Teensy.
When powered up it now connects to /dev/bus/usb/001/082 Bootloader. Looking for advise on best course of action to get it running again, if at all possible...
Beer likely has conductive elements in it and that could be shorting out places on the board.

I'd wash it thoroughly then let it dry. Contrary to popular belief, most circuit boards handle water just fine, so long as they aren't on. In fact, this is a great way to wash off flux when manufacturing boards. So, wash it. Dry it. You can use rubbing alcohol to wash it too with the bonus that it evaporates very quickly. Once the board is good and dry you can try it again.
Very good. Just so happens I decided to do exactly that a few hours ago. Thorough rubbing alcohol clean with qtips.
Then dry it. It appears to be working fine now:)
Before, it would be working or not depending how long I had it powered it seemed. Now I had it running for a couple of hours and so far so good! My precious, out of production, 3.6 rescued!!!!!
This board has been through such rough environments over the years and I thought I had finally done it in. Yay for Teensy quality. And thanks for the timely reply, CollinK.