My Teensy Based Robot Controller

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Hello Guys,

How are you?

I wanted to build a controller that I could use on a robot that I'm building, so I started my xbee teensy controller.

I'm using almost every single pin available on teensy 3.1, with 20 digital channels and 7 analog channels. I think I'll not have problems to control my robot (I totally got inspirated by Q4 but with some modifications and improvements).

The frame is 3d printed. I added 2 screens. One is a classic tft to output data referent to the channels and any information sent by the robot. The other is a lcd screen that will be connected to a video receiver to display a video stream.

Another functionality is that booting the controller holding the red button takes the user to a menu where you can change few preferences, like analog sensibility, disable sounds, disable informations to be displayed on the screen and frequency of the data sent by the controller.

The project is still a work in progress. I'll share the entire project on github and update this tread with it's link.

Things that I still want to include:
-- Update TFT library to the new with custom fonts to make a awesome menu.

Some pictures:


Demo video (I did not screw the top frame because I'm still working on a few tweaks).


Added a video of the video streaming

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Awesome! I'm doing something similar for a quadcopter. I've actually used the capacitive touch TFT LCD and designed the GUI with "buttons" so I could alleviate several of the actual hardware buttons/switches.

I've been looking for a small, low-profile LCD to stream video on for FPV flying. Do you have a link to the one you're using here? It looks like it could be a good fit.

Nice work!
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