New Teensy 4.0 DOA No 3.3V


I bought a Teeny 4.0 back on 8/15/2019 and finally have gotten around to pulling it out of the bag and plugging it in.
I have tried 2 known good USB cables. With each I measure 5.0V on the the Vin pin but 0.185V on the 3.3V pin.
I have not soldered headers on it or done anything with it. There are no LEDs lit or blinking.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?
First guess would be shipping damage. One of the needed parts knocked off in shipping perhaps. Do a close inspection of the board compared to the Teensy card or online image and account for the components. Perhaps upload decent top and bottom photos.
Teensy4NoBlink.jpg Here is the photo of the top and bottom of the Teensy 4.0. Thanks.
Was this purchased directly from PJRC? I believe most of the distributors didn't have them that early.

If you can find the confirmation emails with your 6 digit order number, please reply to one of those. If you don't have the order number, please email me directly with some info we can use to try to look up your order.
Hi Paul, I emailed back to Robin with the original email that was sent went the package was sent out.
The invoice number was 80288. I purchased it directly from PJRC.
Hi @Paul

I ordered 3 x 4.0 on 30th August 2019 (roughly the same time as dreschel) and opening them for the first time 2 out of three have the same issue as described here.

0.2v on the 3v pin
0.5v on the 3v pin

Invoice #80985 - Direct purchase from PJRC.

I respect this is way out of warranty and I don't expect a replacement etc, but was there a batch at this time with similar failures that you are aware of, and if so can you let me know what it is so I can try to fix these two 4.0's?