New Universal Teensy Synth Board


my name Andreas and I am working on an universal Teensy synth board. The Idea is a board with the Teensy 4.1, the Audio Shield, A MIDI interface, a display and some encoders to start with. Via pin headers you can costumize your synthesizer project, by connecting addiononal pots and buttons. Also the I2C and SPI interfaces are awailable on pin headers.

Here I attached some pictures of the board. It seams to work. First sounds came out of it and the display shows some values.

My plan is to use this board to explore different types of synthesizers like FM, granular or wavetable synthesis. Right now I try to get a simple substractive synth to run to get familiar with the system. Let's see how it goes.

As soon I fix some little erros like too small holes for some pinheaders etc., I will make the PCB files awailable. May be some one is interested to use it. The board was desinged in Eagle.
I like it. I've been using protoboards to house a lot of encoders and buttons. Something like you have here would be really nice. The more encoders and buttons available the better.
Looks very similar to the board I made for my own synth experiments.
Though on mine the midi sockets are separate to make locating more flexible, and in addition to the screen and rotary encoders I also have four buttons ranged across the top :)
Cool, can you share some pictures, this would be great

I have the board running, also the first simple Subtrctive synthesizer is programmed and working inclding a UI on the display. Next step add more knops, sider and buttons to it. and make a lttle video to share