Noise reduction???


How embarrassing! I've searched this forum before for what I was looking for and not found it -- but not today. After posting I scrolled down a bit and found what is basically the same question! Forgive me, but I'll restate it to perhaps stimulate some more responses:

I'm working on a bone conduction hearing aid using Teensy 4.0 and the sound shield. The whole project is open source, and I'll have a website up in the next few days. Everything is up and running, and I've programmed it to use a 7 band equalizer that allows entering a person's audiogram results, thus enhancing hearing in the frequency ranges needed. It works well at this point. I would like to add adjustable background noise reduction. The idea here is to pass through stuff in the vocal range and suppress other sound, allowing for improved speech recognition. High end commercial hearing aids have this. My programming skills are the sort that can piece together existing code and generally get it working, but not much more than that. I've been unable to find -- after much searching -- any useful info about this. Ideas? Can anyone point me toward a resource, algorithm, sample sketch???
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Hi! Cool that you're interested!

What's different about your question than what was being asked in that earlier thread?