NoPlay Digital Instrument Suite



I've been developing a suite of instruments based on teensy chips and neopixels. In the attached video I give an overview of the project and walk the viewer through the development of the 'Wobble Wands', 'ElectroLute', 'DrumTray', 'BeatBox 1000', and the 'Chordulator'. Would love to compare notes with anyone working on developing non-midi based synthesizers with these chips!

Hello Jay,

This is really cool. I'm always thinking about MCU instrument design and you've got some really awesome designs here. I always think based on midi between the instrument and the synth, but all in one is awesome for simplicity. I bet you could have a ton of fun jamming with friends with these instruments.

I would also think that with this demo video alone you could get a job making instruments for a toy manufacturer. My son would LOVE pressing those buttons. He's constantly pressing buttons, and he loves music. Unfortunately, he'll also eat the breadboards lol.

I'd love to follow you on this, so please provide your social media links so I can subscribe. I've hit your youtube subscribe already. :)

Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

Your feedback makes me excited to work on these more and make more videos about it.

I think youtube will be the place that I share most of my finished products, but my instagram account (@jayackley) will share 'stories' of sneak previews as I continue experimenting.

And your son has a good idea, the next version I make will only use edible breadboards!
Well done and very inspirational. I'll have to admit, while I was watching I was thinking of how you could commercialize this. I think you are on to something.