OctoWS2811 breakout board + Burning Man sculpture using OctoWS2811

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I'm part of a project going to Burning Man called the Penrose Triangle:

(The Kickstarter is already over, we won!)

We're planning on using the OctoWS2811 strips to light up the sculpture.
In order to make this easier, we designed a custom PCB in Eagle to mount the Teensy 3.0, the 245 chip, and the resistors, and to provide holes to solder the data wires / vsync to.
Actually we designed 3 different versions of the board.
One is totally through hole, one is through hole with a voltage regulator, and one is surface mount.
They can all be found here:

We've only tested an earlier version of the through hole board, but the current version is on its way and will be tested when it gets here.

Feel free to take these designs and use them as a basis for your own projects with the OctoWS2811 library!
Very nice indeed! I love the PCB layout - so compact! Tucking the '245 underneath the T3 is very nice :) Are you not putting a cap in for the '245?
Wow. That is amazing!

Maybe I need to do a Kickstarter to send Paul out to the Playa next year. Imagine what he could do with *LOTS* of Teensys at his disposal and several thousand LEDs. ;)
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