oscillator with phase modulation + frequency modulation


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I have already post similar question but the previous thread is old, so I start a new one.

I have made a synth with a T4.0. This synth uses Frequency Modulation to generate interesting and complex waveforms. To get the best results, I use Phase Modulation. Within the audio design tool, I modulate the phase of a "SynthWaveformModulated" oscillator with another oscillator. The problem is that there is only one input to modulate either Phase or Frequency. How can I modulate the Frequency with an LFO to get a vibrato effect ?

I tried to edit "synth_waveform.h" and "synth_waveform.ccp" as suggested by Murdog here :
It works, but form some reasons, I cannot use BAND_LIMITED waveforms.

That would be awesome if the SynthWaveformModulated object had separate FM and Phase inputs.