Oscilloscope recommendation


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I ignored that part of microcontroller programming since my AVR STK 500 times, but I more and more see the need for it: I would like to be able to analyze Digital Stuff on my boards, aka: I need an Oscilloscope.
The thing is: I can count the number of times, where I sit there, miss one, and randomly browse google for options on one hand. I would more likely make some compromises, before I invest a ton of money into one. Because, what do I need? I would love to see the pulses digital outputs on ports do (I think).
Do you have any recommendations of a cheap oscilloscope, that is, maybe after a little DIY improvement, useable to our needs in the Teensy environment, where I don't have to spend hours discuss this investment with my wife? :p

Thanks, Jens
Oh, that looks interesting. with discount this comes close to the area I am willing to spend.
Awesome. i found such a cheap Analyzer with good believable reviews on Amazon for a similar price, and ordered one. Even if that’s not the best out there, I can test that style of analyzing and maybe that is already enough!
thanks for all that feedback!
You can also buy one of those cheap ones (~10EUR) https://www.amazon.de/AZDelivery-An...lja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ&th=1 They work with the Salae software (older versions). Alternatively, if you don't like to use Saleae software for non Saleae hardware, you can use the open source sigrok / pulseview combo.

I usually don't like clones but in this case there was not much to clone. The hardware is basically just a cypress FX2 controller and some buffers. The schematic is shown in a cypress application note (IIRC). The controller does not even store firmware. Instead the firmware is uploaded into RAM by the user application/driver whenever you connect the usb cable.

Edit: Ups, BriComp was faster...