Out of date Windows Loader on pjrc.com


Just wondered if the version of Teensy Loader on the website can be updated to the latest windows version?

I've provided the following link to users, but the version downloaded for Windows is 1.52 and I don't believe this supports MicroMod Teensy.


My versions of Arduino IDE and Visual Micro are using 1.56 and these work fine for teensyMM

Sorry, It took me a a bit to understand where. And yes, they should update the version of teensy.exe (guessing maybe the other platforms as well)

The page you linked to and then clicked on the Windows image or choose the Windows under the choose the OS,
You end up with the page for Windows Vista (Vista ?)
And on this page if you click on the Teensy Loader link, it downloads the version mentioned.

Should probably create an issue on the documentation github project. Will try to remember to do so.
Thanks for the response. Hopefully, it can be updated soon. When I get chance, I'll test the other platforms to see which versions are available via those links.
I've updated the stand-alone Teensy Loader page to version 1.56.

Should be properly signed so all modern versions of Windows know it came from PJRC (rather than the red unknown publisher warning).