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Hi, there is a convention for the pcb versioning?

for example
i have a first hardware realease
in the second release i add a capacitor and a switch and minor changes on the silkscreen

is correct something like

first version
v1.0 Rev A

second version
v.1.1 Rev A

Schematics and pcb must they have the same nomenclature?
As far as I know there isn't a convention. I use the following generally for my projects:


I increment Z for changes that do not change a board's footprint (i.e. swapping a component for a different one of the same size, editing a trace, etc). These are changes that I want to track, but they typically do not change my manufacturing process - no need to change stencils or update placements. I increment Y for changes to my board's footprint and necessitate a manufacturing update. I increment X for a major change to a board that's intended to fulfill the same role (i.e. updated processors in a UAS flight computer - same role before and after the update and I intend the new board to replace the old board, so I keep the board name, but it's a major change).

RE: schematics - when I move from prototype into production, my schematics are typically updated to track specific parts (i.e. a specific capacitor rather than just any 0.1 uF cap). I do this because I want my placement file to match my BOM. So yes, once I move into production, which is also when I start tracking v1.0.0, my schematic and PCB remain in lockstep.
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