PJRC/Teensy web pages suggestions/errors/etc


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I remember we had a thread for reporting errors/missing infos/etc. about pjrc.com web pages, but I can't find it anymore.

So I'm creating a new one, hoping it may help Paul updating the web site.

What I've found, in no particular order:

Only Teensies 3.x are listed under "Supported Hardware"

"Key Features" table: only old Teensies are listed (up to 3.1)

Very outdated: only Teensy 2.0 are listed

Same as above (with a brief reference to T3.1 at least)

Again, very outdated and does not mention the new recovery procedure

Only up to Teensy 3.0. Moreover, web page title wrongly states "Teensy and Teensy++ Schematic Diagrams" instead of "Benchmarks"

Quite outdated. Mentions Teensyduino v0.9!