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could you list, or point me to, the suppliers of teensy for the uk / european areas on your website please!

also, why isn't there a link from the website to the forum?


i'm after a sd adapter for the teensy 3, as well as some teensy 3's... but all of the sites i have found do not seem to stock the teensy sd adapter... is this a usa only item?

You don't need the PJRC adapter as most of the stuff on there is for voltage level conversion from 5V to 3.3V which is not necessary as the Teensy3 I/O runs natively at 3.3V. The exact model of the micro SD card slot on the PJRC SD card adapter is Hirose DM3D available for a handful of dollars at Mouser, or Farnell at your neck of the woods.
I think I posted that here just yesterday.
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