Porting to IMX RT 1064


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I was really excited about the 1062 and teensy 4.0/4.1. But the issue is that NXP has marked it as "Not recommended ..." so I am looking for an alternative. Something with long-ish product support from NXP, how compatible is the teensy core with the the IMX 1064? has anyone tried? I'm willing to do some modifications like make file, linker script etc...
For now I've fallen back to using the 3.6/MK66, But I'm leaving a lot of MHz on the table :p
NXP's info is a bit confusing. None of the parts actually end with the number "0". When they write "RT1060", they actually mean several different chips. It might be clearer if they wrote RT106* or RT106X. To make matters worse, they also write RT1064 specifically for the part which has 2 chips inside (the RT1062 and a flash memory).

To make matters even more confusing, NXP also recently made a minor new revision to many of these chips where the last letter in the full part number increases from A to B. But they've done a remarkably poor job of clearly communicating this. Pages specifically for the original A parts don't mention the B replacement.

I'd hard to create a good website and keep everything fully up to date. I personally have a lot of experience in failing to do so...
As the title of this thread describes my question so well, I won't open another one with a similar title and just append this one.

I was looking for information about the replacement of the RT1062 by an RT1064 on a Teensy project. From what I have seen in the migration documentation (and if I understood correctly!), one only has to make changes in the linker file.
Due to the fact that I am currently working on my first bare-matel Teensy project and the lack of experience (and knowledge?) that comes with that, I am not quite sure wether I am right or not.
Does anyone have experience with that? Are there any other changes necessary?
Can I replace an RT1062 and flash memory by a single RT1064

The dokument: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12290.pdf

I was looking for information about the replacement of the RT1062 by an RT1064 on a Teensy project.

Paul is the real voice on this - but "Doubtful". The Build might offer ability to relocate Flash in linking, but the PJRC Bootloader MCU is hardcoded to specific parts and addressing to perform the upload and control.

T_4.x history:
T_4.0 first beta was with RT105x when RT1062 production shift suggested it would be viable for production timeframe.
Switch was made to RT1062 with needed changes in pins/hardware to get the higher resource specs it offered and RT1052 support was dropped.
In both cases it was designed with external Flash and the RT1064 was not available or viable in the timeframe at hand and not considered or tested.
T_4.1 was next and used RT1062 in the larger package to allow access to more pins including added Ethernet and QSPI pads
Teensy 4.x only supports 3 specific Winbond flash chips: W25Q16JV*IM, W25Q64JV*IM, W25Q128JV*IM. Even the similar Winbond parts which end in "IQ" are not supported and known to not work.

I'm not very familiar with RT1064. I've never used it. But I seem to recall seeing an ISSI chip mentioned somewhere.

Unless NXP makes RT1064 with one of those 3 specific Winbond flash chips, you can be very certain it will not work with Teensy's bootloader. But even if they do use the correct chip, it still might not work. We might also have dependency in some places for the specific pins. Again, I'm not very familiar with RT1064, but I seem to recall seeing mention of the internal flash chip connected to a completely different set of internal-only pins.
Thank you very much for all this information!
The specific pins are exactly the part that made me doubt that it is going so easy.

From what I have seen on the schematics of the Teensy 4.1, it uses the FlexSPI2 module to access the flash, is that right?
The significant difference between RT1064 and RT1062 seems to be that FlexSPI2 module, which cannot be remapped on the RT1064 and is only connected to the internal flash memory.
As you cannot remap it and it is always conencted to the memory, I thought maybe it would work and its NXPs approach to make it work "out of the box".

May I ask why only those three flash chips work?
I thought the "Q" versions do not work because of a default set bit in the config of the chips and any Winbond chip ending on "M" would work.

Maybe I get the opportunity to test a RT1064 one day. Then I will post my experiences here!
After all they are still available on the markets! ;)
The three indicated Winbond chips are the only ones PJRC used and tested on Teensy 4.0, 4.1 and 4.MicroMod.

If the Bootloader MCU finds one of those chips responding on the FlexSPI it will continue, otherwise it will not
Ah, okay, that makes sense! I did not think about the bootloader checking the flash memory first.