Possible to use Teensy 4.0 as just Serial and Audio?


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Hello, I am working on a project using the teensy 4.0 and I only need Serial and Audio but under the USB Type list their is not an option with just Serial and Audio. If I want to use Serial and Audio I also have to include MIDI.

Is there a way to not include MIDI?
Is there a way to not include MIDI?
Yes but you have to edit files:
in ............\hardware\teensy\avr\cores\teensy4\usb_desc.h
and in ....... \hardware\teensy\avr\boards.txt

NOTE: USB AUDIO has USB HID class Serial included
So would it be best just to let it show up with the MIDI device so I don’t have to edit files?
Still wondering if there is a better way to get a USB COM port to show up at the same time I am using USB Sound.
As @Chris O. mentioned the only ways I know of.

Also sort of as he mentioned, it may also depend on what you are needing Serial for. If you want something like a debug Serial port, the Audio USB version also includes a RAW HID used for Serial emulation. Not sure if that gives you what you need/want.

But those are the two ways that I know of.
I am using it for software control of a radio. (Basically a COM port pass thru bridge.) But I also will be need to call the Serial.dtr() function which I don't think a USB HID would have.

I am using the teensy instead of just an FTDI-Pal or something like that because I am also going to be passing my audio to the radio over this single USB interface.
If it were me, and it was a one off device (i.e. only for my own usage), I would probably first take the easy route and use the combo with midi and more or less do nothing with midi...