Possible to use USB host pins as device for teensy 4.1

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Hi all,

I have a similar question to the one related here: https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/61379-access-to-usb-pins-on-teensy-4-1. Essentially I am designing a pcb for the teensy which will ultimately sit inside a custom box, and I want to have a usb port on the exterior of the box so that I can reprogram the teensy firmware without taking the box apart. Of course, I could use a male to female cable, but I was wondering if this was possible just via soldering.

In particular, I know that the device D+ and D- connections are the little exposed pads under the main usb port on the teensy, but these seem difficult to access for the pcb I am making, and so I am wondering if the "USB host" (available via 5 through hole pins) can be used to program the device. My first thought would be to just leave the ID pin floating rather than connecting to GND, but I'm guessing the problem is more subtle than this? If so, is there another way to achieve the functionality I'm looking for, of essentially "extending" the usb programming port purely through a pcb?

Only those Device USB pins common to the connector have PJRC Programming support.

The USB Host pins are not available to the bootloader for uploading.
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