[posted] Antenna Analyzer

This antenna analyzer can be used to find out, at which frequencies a short-wave antenna is matched to the 50 Ohm impdedance of the cable and the transceiver. This behaviour is presented by the so called "voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)". To get this value for a frequency range, a Teensy 3.5 controls a DDS (Direct digital synthesizer) signal generator, which sweeps frequencies between 100kHz and 30 MHz. The hf voltages on the signal generator and at the antenna under test are read by the Teensy and compiled by some calculations to derive the VSWR values. The results are shown on a TFT touch display.
Due to the fast processing speed and the huge amount of program memory, it is possible to create different pages on the TFT display, showing real-time measurements and other information.
Details of the project can be found on my homepage.

module2.jpg module1.jpgpage1.jpgpage2.jpg page4.jpg
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Sorry for that. I will enable the page in the next days again. BTW, I stopped my Project because I recognized that there are some hw limitations in the design and better alternatives are available.