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I'd like to introduce our product based on Teensy 3.2. Its name is ARTI and the main function is recording of audio and signaling communication from radio terminal. Radio terminal consists of two
boxes, the first is transmitter and the second audio console to operate it. Because the signalling is not available, I had to read I2C bus between both boxes to catch information about start of
voice activity, users address and the name of communication. The ARTI can record two audio channels one using I2C data and second by quick VOX function. The internal time is manage by quarz
or using external GPS receiver connected to serial port. All the records are saved to the micro SD card and can be managed from remote PC over USB connection. When micro SD card is full or
the recording data are older than 1 year, the automatic deleting is starting. I am using some additional function like "watch dog", micro SD formating, special SMS application within PMR network.


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