[posted] Enhancement of Convolution SDT: the T41-EP SDT


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For the past 4 years, Al Peter (AC8GY) and I (W8TEE) have taken the Convolution SDR code by Frank Dziock (DD4WH) and added SSB and CW transmit capability to make it an SDT (Software Defined Transceiver). By upgrading to the Teensy 4.1 and the Audio Hat we have enhanced his groups' work to develop the T41-EP (i.e., the Teensy 4.1 Experimenters Platform), as seen here:
We have designed the radio so that users can easily replace any PCB in the system (e.g., filter board, power amplifier, quadrature sampling detector, etc) and use a design of their own choosing. The multi-board design (seen here)
makes experimentation easy.
We chose the Teensy 4.1 as the heart of the radio because it has the resource depth (i.e., memory, I/O pins, and speed) to make it perform as well as transceivers costing 10x as much. Both the hardware and software are Open Source and are available here. I've asked many questions of this Forum's members and their answers helped make this project a reality...thanks to all!
Econjack, W8TEE