[posted] Eurorack Drum Module VEGA by Faselunare (Italy)


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I am very happy to announce that our eurorack VEGA module (one of our two projects using teensy 4.1), is ready for pre-order.

Due to the shortage of electronic components, we can produce a few pieces at a time, this first batch is 15 pieces at a special price.

Learn more here https://shop.faselunare.com

Hello! I noticed that the post has been published on the blog, so I'd like to share the latest updates:
  • We have completely rewritten the firmware, introducing significant improvements in the DSP, developed in collaboration with Stefano D'Angelo (Orastron) using the BrickWorks DSP language.
  • We have enhanced the user interface to make it more intuitive and efficient.
  • We have fixed issues related to saving/loading presets.
  • We have improved the sample management.
  • We have added space in the user interface for future development.