[posted] Funkstern Plus | Radio Art Object


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Hi, this is noisio. First post here.

While I like to experiment with minimalistic audio and visual synthesizer designs, I mostly realize this with low level chips like ATtiny uControllers or CMOS CD40xx. I use to share them as easy-to-build soldering kits and play concerts with them.
From now and there commissioning works are requested to me. For this I often choose Teensies, about their sophisticated hardware and software environment and ease of use which allow me to keep my focus on functionality and design. One of these was the development of the "Funkstern Plus" - a 7-channel mixer, FM transmitter, audio player and synthesizer in one. This was requested by the Rundfunkorchestra for the collection "Archiv der Moderne" of the Bauhaus University Weimar. Now the instrument is also used by the orchestra for its live shows.
It recently made some waves by winning the Saxon State Prize for Design 2023 in the Digital Design category. Huiui.

Thank you Paul & team for your great work... it just made the process so easy!

Here you can find a write up about it: https://noisio.de/blog/funkstern-plus