[posted] Kenwood VS-2 Emulator


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Created a VS-2 replacement using a Teensy 3.2 and audio board.
When you press Voice button on my TS-850 and it reads out the frequency just like the VS-2, except I use Dot instead of Period. Uses wav files so you can customize it to how every you like it to sound.
Is this a HAM radio project? Any chance you might give us a little more background, for anyone not already familiar with TS-850 and VS-2 (personally, I have no idea what those are....)
I see Paul answering everybody else's queries and came across this, him asking a question. So I must answer.
By the way its my first post.
The TS-850 is a multi band, multi mode Ham radio transceiver.
There is an optional VS-2 voice announcement board available for it but it would now no longer be in production, so it looks like a Teensy has been used instead.
If some one were putting a voice announcer on that radio it would mostly be for use by blind radio operators.
On request it would announce the current HF frequency that is in use and shown on the units display, it may also be used to announce settings of some other controls for example AM/SSB/FM.
Ham radio is a popular hobby for vision impaired people, I know a few.
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