[posted] Motorized table saw fence


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If you are dividing your time between building cool Teensy-based projects and woodworking, I'm guessing you have a table saw. Ever wanted to build a motorized fence controller? I just did. A few NEMA-17's with A4899 stepper drivers, and a Teensy 3.2. My controller has large fonts for desired and current fence distance. Some of the Teensy specific libraries are a FlickerFreePrint for flicker free updates of the large digital fonts, controls for sliders to allow adjustment of stepper distances, and an option button to set inches or mm. I have the motors running as fast as possible so slew speed of the fence is around 0.5 inches per second. Once the initial distance is calibrated, accuracy is around 0.01 inches or better.

Have a watch

Results when 2.250 inches was entered

Overall setup Motors on far right, controller lower righ

PCB with components



Driver rod (simple 1/4 - 20 attached to 3D printed sliders, the small white pieces)

Stepper motor mounting--some rethinking needed here

The description in my YouTube video has parts list and links to the controller code.

Wow ! nice job and thank you for your video. definitely have to add this to my project list.
one question though, how did you get the slide bar to stay on the grip mount when not clamped.?
This is awesome!! One question, does it require a recalibration for different blade widths or dado stacks? Or would one just re-zero after changing the blade?
You will have to re-enter the distance from the new blade to the fence. This data entry can be done during power up or in the tools menu.

This is with the assumption that the configuration of your table saw is such that the blade thickness is increased in the direction of the fence.