[posted] MRCC Deluxe MIDI Router using Teensy 3.6


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Conductive Labs have made a super deluxe high performance MIDI router using Teensy 3.6, called MRCC - MIDI Router Control Center. The MIDI router features many traditional MIDI 5 pin inputs and outputs and modern 3.5MM jacks, plus 4 USB host ports for USB MIDI class compliant devices, or a keyboard for entering port labels. When you want to connect to your PC or tablet, the USB client interface provides 12 USB virtual MIDI ports.

An RJ45 expansion port is available for adding more MIDI ports using an Ethernet cable so you can get some outputs elsewhere in the studio.

Routing is quick and easy with a button for each physical input and output and RGB LEDs color coded for function, plus an OLED display with encoder for more advanced configurations without needing a PC.

MRCC production candidate Nov 5 20202.jpg
T36 and hub.jpg

One of several videos, this one demonstrating USB port routing:

MRCC successfully funded on Kickstarter last year. For more information see https://conductivelabs.com/mrcc
Thanks to PJRC and their contributors for an excellent code base to start from!
Really very nice engineering all round. The NDLR is similarly a first class product and well received - that was developed with a Teensy LC?
Its looking more complete now, with the anodized extruded aluminum enclosure and light pipes.

Preprod rainbow light pipes.jpg
New circuit boards from our pilot run, in matt black to minimize light scatter in the enclosure. We found USB jacks with black interiors for even more sexyness :eek:

New sample MRCC 2021-01-25.jpg