[posted] OctoWS2811 Power Injection Board


This board connects to the OctoWS2811 Board or the Teensy Pixel Pusher via ethernet cable and makes an easy connection to the 4 strands, while injecting power to each strand. The board can be connected to the pixel strands via 0.100 inch spacing screw terminals, pin headers/sockets, or simply soldered on. The through holes on the board have been widened to directly accept 18 gauge and smaller wire. The current prototype doesn't have any power protection on the board (and some of the silk screening is wrong), but the next iteration will have a mini automotive fuse holder to allow for on board power protection. I designed this board to easily add power and make connecting my pixel strands easier at remote locations away from the Teensy 4.1 controller. The design files are available on my github. Also a few extra protoype boards are available on Tindie. I have some prototype boards on order that will accept a fuse holder. I will put those extras on the same tindie page as well.