[posted] PC Fan controller "Fancy" on Teensy 3.2 with LCD display


I made a fan controller / regulator for my PC fans, info on my website (and for anyone curious my PC here).
Pictures here.
It has a ST7735 display 160×128, okay for menu but a bit small for many graphs.
Since Teensy 4 is similarly priced I'd rather use that with a bigger display, would be nicer for graphs.
Source on github, also with schematic.
It's not ideal, there are many components, also analog and digital (PWM) fans need somewhat different hardware. Still, good enough for me.
Based on my old K.C. keyboard controller code. For which there is a newer version for Teensy 4 already here.
Nice project. I looked at your website. Since you are submitting this for a blog, maybe rethink your "sources" in the Overview section?