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Hello Everyone!

PendulumSynth is an on-going and open-source project, running on Arduino platform with the goal of mixing real-world physics into music composition and musical performance.
It receives motion data from the pendulum and converts it into USB MIDI or CV so the output can be used for any synthesizer or DAW. The data is transmitted wirelessly so the IMU (pendulum) only needs power lines. At the moment, the host device only supports one IMU system but the goal is to support more through the NRF network.
It has different output modes (currently 5) and I am trying to add more and improve the existing ones...

You can find the schematics, pictures and demos on the github repo here.

Host: DSC_2217.jpg DSC_2219.jpg

Pendulum IMU: DSC_2233.jpg 2021-09-10 22.04.29.jpg