[posted] Piccolo MIDI sequencer based on Teensy 4.1


Piccolo 4C Black is a stochastic MIDI sequencer developped since a few years ( around 2016) in solo
I decided in 2023 to make its code and the schematics public, so here is is : https://github.com/SylvainVanIniitu/Piccolo-4C-Black

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Piccolo is a polyrythmic errorist and stochastic MIDI sequencer, slightly verging towards a proto-programmable interpreter, very apt to generative and process-based music.the current version is based on the Teensy 4.1 architecture and MIDI protocol. The previous versions were relying on Teensy 3.5 and earlier ATmega2560. The step to Teensy3.5 had provided 10x more precision in time, and 10x more memory.

The best place to see some movies of the action of the current prototypes is on this video compilation of its debug ( you will see several stages of the machine, and hear many possibilites it has for modifying its MIDI sequences ) :


several records have been released as Sylvain van iniitu or 4LLP4 CH1N0, using Piccolo as its main core
one of them consists of covers of Django Reinhardt :cool:, it was released by the label Off

the current software version running the sequencer, and fully written in C, features :

  • MIDI in MIDI out OLED screen ( 4 lines of 20 characters ), in place of LCD screen
  • tap tempo ( different styles )
  • 4 time-independent layers 64 layer memories ( to store layers and load then when necessary )
  • Unlimited duration loops ( unless you consider a maximum of 4 years as a limitation.. ), that can be independent.
  • Precision of 1 msec.
  • full 16 Channel capacity ( 16 channel can be used on each 4 layers )
  • Unlimited notes by layer ( up till the time the memory is full… we haven’t got there yet when playing )
  • more than 100 matrix transformations of the sequences ( delay, variable delay, transposition, harmonization, modulation, tonulation, reverse, inverse, simplification, etc... )
  • - most of it is crazy stuff, you'll just need to dive in the hypothetical manual to get a clue modulation of the layers by sequences : useful for (ir)regular transpositions, by note or by layer, modification of velocity, modification of length of note, etc. possibility to program regular events, launching a transformation, either in absolute time, or after a certain repetition of one (or several) layers sending CC to any channel, either time-based ( ex. modifying the length of a reverb every 30 sec ), or by note ( modifying it every 5 notes )
  • possibility to save and load layers as .txt files on SD cards. you can simply edit those .txt files on any text editor on any platform
  • reading .MIDI files on the SD card ; possibility to glitch those at core level
  • USB cable alimentation - does not require a computer to work
  • non-destructive and non-permanent delays, under various forms : regular delay, quad delay ( adapted from Tambour ), fractal delay ( adapted from Dende )
  • step sequencer : material 8 steps, but virtual from 2 to 127 steps ; you can program it with any note from any channel

Big thanks for inspiration to : Ikue Mori, Steve Reich, Two Lone Swordsmen, Christian Wolff, Seth Horvitz (Sutekh), Phillus, Burnt Friedman, Cylob and Actress

BIGGEST thank ever to Paul & all contributors for Teensy 4.1 ! it's been a fun ride and crazy learning curve !

If you ever build and record with it, please send me the music you make with this sequencer !

If you want to support, my music is at bandcamp E42.A8 : https://e42a8.bandcamp.com

and tanukirecords.bandcamp.com/album/vulgar-display-of-debug-vol-3-thrift-thrift-horatio

and even better : let me play a concert in your city !

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one more picture !

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as you can see on that PCB there was still a flaw, that i had to fix with a jumpwire :rolleyes: