[posted] Remote Control John Deere Riding Mower

I designed an remote control John Deere riding mower using a Teensy 3.2 for the main processor. I'm using a Pololu Simple Motor Controller G2 18v15 to drive the steering motor and linear actuator for the brakes. If you look closely you can see the Teensy in the middle of this picture on the JRover board.


Here is the overall electronics.


Here is a wrap up video showing the mower running

This project is part of a bigger project to build an fully autonomous riding mower and push mower. For more details on this project and my future plans you can visit this blog post on Sparkfun.com.


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I missed this as I haven't logged in a long time. LOL

There are multiple ways to kill this.

1) Standard tether like on an motorcycle or a jetski. If the cable is pulled out, it shorts out the ignition and the motor dies
2) A normally closed relay that is energized. If power is lost this relay will turn off and the ignition will short out again like the above
3) If radio contact is lost it will automatically stop and wait for the radio to be back in range
4) If the teensy reboots for any reason (I am using the watchdog) the teensy goes into a safe mode and will not enable the relay
5) A toggle switch to disable ignition manually on the more.